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DruidMan.EXE, NetNavigator of Steven Furok, and played by user SpaceMonkeySteve, is one of the longest standing and well known Navis of RE:RN.


DruidMan has the look of a wild man about him. He stands at nearly seven feet tall (Real World Equivalent) and has a large, medium muscled build, making him appear gargantuan when compared to most average Navis. While he appears large and clumsy, he is actually rather agile. He has a tangled mess of light brown hair that is rather simply yanked and tied back. Oddly, though, this is the only evident amount of facial hair. His simplistic simulated lifestyle is as plain as his clothes: simple, yet effective, leather armors, occasionally decorated with a symbol or two whose meaning is known only to DruidMan. Under this armor is simple cloth tunics, which are both comfortable and practical. He also dons sturdy leather boots with thick soles, something that comes in handy when tracking viruses through the wilderness of the internet. DruidMan's eyes are interesting, however, in that they technically have no color. Instead, their pupils mimic the type of druidic magic that he is currently channeling. Since DruidMan is a Wood type Navi, then this is defaulted to green.


DruidMan is a laid back individual, and wants nothing more but natural peace and love for everybody. That said, if someone wants to mess stuff up, he has no qualms about righting the wrong, or wronging the right, for that matter. DruidMan is immensely wise and intelligent, but you'd never notice on first impression, as his speaking mannerisms are reminiscent of an old hippy and a surfer bum, spouting phrases like, "peace out" and 'dude'. DruidMan loves finding humor in situations, particularly ironic humor, which is great, as he finds his existence, a technological construct as a harbinger of nature, hilarious. DruidMan is also a stubborn sort, and typically won't back down in an argument, whether over fact or opinion. This stubbornness can sometimes lead to a small fit of anger, but DruidMan is good about reigning in that aspect of his personality.

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DruidMan has made out with every single female NetNavi. No exceptions. He's also banged every NetNavi's mom. No joke.